Sometimes life throws garbage our way. This may be in form of “friends”, frustrations, disappointments. How we deal with all that is what makes a difference. Life can be tough sometimes. We face heartbreaks, miss on a promotion, lose your loved one, sad sad sad..or even loss a job.
How do you deal with all that? At that point it’s human to point blame. We tend to blame everyone else. We blame ourselves. We wanna cry over it, beat ourselves over it, but really, does it help? I bet not. Trust me it will only worsen everything.
Some of us will do some very crazy stuff. Myself I would love to go to the rain, cry, and feel good that no one notices, or maybe grab some ice cream. Something about ice cream just changes my mood. I be so sad, but one scoop of ice cream brings tears of joy, literally.
A personality makeover would be a good therapy for dealing with life frustrations. Like for example, accepting what you can’t change and moving on. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s a process, the next time you will be sad, how about you not trying to dwell on it? How about thinking of how you could avoid that situation next time, how about not pointing fingers?
Personality makeover be a process. You gotta have a winning attitude.